Sunday, 26 February 2012

**Sing You Home**(galaxy nails)

Hey there guys..!! I've been wanting to do some lovely galaxy nails for a long here they are now., what do you think??

       HOW TO:

  •       First, color all of your nails a total solid black.

  • Now, take a cosmetic sponge and start sponging on a small quantity of white nail polish like a line,to create the shape of your nebula.
  • On the white, sponge on a little yellow keeping it concentrated to the middle, and highlight with a little bit of rosy pink.
  • Then, take some dark blue and sponge it on to the edges of your nebula, to make it blend in to the black.

  • Next, take a small dotting tool and make some tiny white dots for the stars.
  • Make some bigger spots as well.
  • If you aren't satisfied, put on two coats of super fine silver glitter polish.

In the end, apply required number of coats of Top coat to increase the life of your can also mattify it if you fun..see you guys soon..!!!

Let the stars on your nails SIIING YOU HOME..!!!

And of's the music video that inspired me today.......Xenia is really awesome and i can't have enough of this enjoy..!

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