Thursday, 26 July 2012

What Should I Call It??

Heya people!
   Ah, i'm really very ..lotza hols goin on,so..

 This was what i did today afternoon after watching a video on YouTube here-->

If you watch that, you will see what i did was kind of different. I just started doing it, and then went on adding colors over, ending up with 4 . Then in the end "bordered" (as i was supposed to) and then some dots on the inner color. Here are the pics:

So, the original was called "Border nails" mani...what should this be called, do you think, considering that i've strayed quite faar from it??

Monday, 23 July 2012

Birthday mani..!!

So, last weekend was my "little" sister's i ended up making her a cute mani!! Here are the pictures of it, so you can see this was very enjoyable:

 Here is one more close-up:

The birthday song is something that makes you happy, no matter how old you are, isn't it?? We had a blast setting up a surprise midnight party for my sister's sweeet sixteen b'day!

Well, except for the base colors, all the others , for the designs, are acrylic paints. I really enjoy using acrylic paints for free-hand designs like this where you have to do some detailing.They are thick enough and come in  lots of bright colors, and you can always get mixing and create new ones!

So, that's it, i guess, ..oh yeah,,

As for songs, lately, i think you should surely check out "Daaru Desi" from the Bollywood movie "Cocktail"..its my latest addiction in the music world!

Ta-ta,then, have fun ladies!!