Sunday, 5 August 2012


Happy Friendship Day everyone! Did nothing much related to this..but i was inspired by Robin Moses on YouTube and just HAD to do this one..Dont know if it is just as good..but i'm quite happy with my results.

Its pretty much gold tips over which i did some vines and pretty lavender flowers in acrylic paint. The accent nail has gold all over, though .,if you can see in the pics. I know they are not so clear, but i tried. ;)

It was really fun to do this and helped me kill a lot of the time i had. I'd never have thought of doing something like this, if not for the lovely lady who inspired me. Do check out her channel on YouTube if you can!


Thursday, 26 July 2012

What Should I Call It??

Heya people!
   Ah, i'm really very ..lotza hols goin on,so..

 This was what i did today afternoon after watching a video on YouTube here-->

If you watch that, you will see what i did was kind of different. I just started doing it, and then went on adding colors over, ending up with 4 . Then in the end "bordered" (as i was supposed to) and then some dots on the inner color. Here are the pics:

So, the original was called "Border nails" mani...what should this be called, do you think, considering that i've strayed quite faar from it??

Monday, 23 July 2012

Birthday mani..!!

So, last weekend was my "little" sister's i ended up making her a cute mani!! Here are the pictures of it, so you can see this was very enjoyable:

 Here is one more close-up:

The birthday song is something that makes you happy, no matter how old you are, isn't it?? We had a blast setting up a surprise midnight party for my sister's sweeet sixteen b'day!

Well, except for the base colors, all the others , for the designs, are acrylic paints. I really enjoy using acrylic paints for free-hand designs like this where you have to do some detailing.They are thick enough and come in  lots of bright colors, and you can always get mixing and create new ones!

So, that's it, i guess, ..oh yeah,,

As for songs, lately, i think you should surely check out "Daaru Desi" from the Bollywood movie "Cocktail"..its my latest addiction in the music world!

Ta-ta,then, have fun ladies!!

Saturday, 10 March 2012

*Love the way you lie*

This is gonna be a quickie little post. Just a random design i made AND enjoyed, of course.

    And, i love that song by ...yayy..EMINEM !
    Gives me goosebumps..!

     Here's the picture::

Sunday, 4 March 2012

~Candy Gradient~

This is something I had done some time back...just saw the picture again and thought i'd post it here..
  It soooo reminds me of candy..what about you?

   This is a gradient technique done with by sponging. Start at the base of your nail and work to the top , seal in with a top coat before it dries completely to ensure that the colors blend in.
      And yeah, do listen to this totally funny song..its quite very old..but you can never be bored..its by Aqua.
                       CANDYMAN - AQUA <----Click here!

Blue Beautiful

Blue has always been one of my favourite colors..what do you think..?
 So, this tribute to blue.
The base color is Revlon - Blue Lagoon
Used a metallic blue for the tip.
The dots are with-- Street Wear - Ocean Blue
                               Faces    -   White-o-White

CoLoRfUl WoRlD..!

Just did these for fun..was trying to do some other technique..when it turned out to be this. Well, i still liked it let it be so! Tried to see which color it suited best..I liked the orange myself..what do you think..??

      There you go..!! (I know the picture is'nt very good..but.., couldn't help it..i wasn't being very patient!)

Sunday, 26 February 2012

**Sing You Home**(galaxy nails)

Hey there guys..!! I've been wanting to do some lovely galaxy nails for a long here they are now., what do you think??

       HOW TO:

  •       First, color all of your nails a total solid black.

  • Now, take a cosmetic sponge and start sponging on a small quantity of white nail polish like a line,to create the shape of your nebula.
  • On the white, sponge on a little yellow keeping it concentrated to the middle, and highlight with a little bit of rosy pink.
  • Then, take some dark blue and sponge it on to the edges of your nebula, to make it blend in to the black.

  • Next, take a small dotting tool and make some tiny white dots for the stars.
  • Make some bigger spots as well.
  • If you aren't satisfied, put on two coats of super fine silver glitter polish.

In the end, apply required number of coats of Top coat to increase the life of your can also mattify it if you fun..see you guys soon..!!!

Let the stars on your nails SIIING YOU HOME..!!!

And of's the music video that inspired me today.......Xenia is really awesome and i can't have enough of this enjoy..!

Friday, 24 February 2012

totally true, don't you think..???
  why,i've had a couple experiences myself, and believe me, it helped a LOT...!!
  so guys..go ahead and use it for your own benefit..!! ;)

Abstract from tiger print..! this is going to be my very first post to you all, and what's better than to show you what I have at my fingertips?? Yeah..literally!
  So, this has got my very coveted combination of turquoise and black..along with a dash of silver.

HOW TO  :  first, a base coat, on which a couple coats of lighter blue.
                     then, take a darker blue and make some tiger print design.
                     fill in between with black first, and then line alongside black with silver..
                                                                                           ..........and you are done..!!
               (All colours used are of Street Wear India.)

                      P.S. please forgive the crappy "tutorial"  .. i'll do better next time..!!